Please be courteous to our landowners. Without them we wouldnt be snowmobiling.

The next meeting of the season will be January 15th 2018. 7:00pm at the Ramada Inn.

Why Join a Club??

I know many that many people that ride on the snowmobile trails are NOT snowmobile club members. If it were not for the MEMBERS of these CLUBS, YOU would not have any trails to ride on. The clubs are who goes out and grooms, trims the brush, builds all the bridges, puts out all the signs, and gets landowner permission. Next time that you are out think about that.

We are not looking for people to spend time working for us, that's not what we are about, and we already have plenty of people doing this. We are looking for more members for their financial support. The more financial support we recieve the better the trail system will be.

If you enjoy riding on smooth wide trails...JOIN A CLUB!!! If you enjoy riding rough trails, JOIN A CLUB!!! and make them smooth.

To join our club just click the link below, print and send it to the address provided.

To join just the Hillside Family Riders S.C. yearly dues at $25.00.

To join Hillside as well as the Maine Snowmobile Association (MSA) yearly dues are $40.00. Membership includes: a membership decal, eligibility for the MSA scholarship and a $2,500 accidental death and dismemberment insurance policy as well as the monthly Maine Snowmobiler Newspaper.

Local club members also have the **option** of participating in trail work, fund raising, membership drives, social activities etc. You can also join by attending one of our meetings. Now why not join the club and help out?

How to Join:

Click here to print a membership form
Click here to join online - Hillisde Family Riders - $25.00
Click here to join online - MSA & Hillside Family Riders - $40.00
Click here to join online as a business membership - $50.00
- There is a $2.00 Processing Fee for joining online -

Snowmobile trails are cut, groomed, signed and maintained by volunteers. Are you doing your part? Join a Club - Support your sport!