Please be courteous to our landowners. Without them we wouldnt be snowmobiling.

The next meeting of the season will be January 15th 2018. 7:00pm at the Ramada Inn.

Lewiston Trail Conditions:

Updated 1/10/17

Things have improved greatly since our last check in. Grooming is in full swing now. The trails are very flat and are in mid season conditions now, except for some shaded areas that are light on snow. We have 2 problematic water holes still. One on the Ramada trail next to Webster Street and one on the Steel Service Center trail near the turnpike underpass. The 2 Trail Masters have worked on them diligently and it's passable, but use caution. Also, use caution at the Stetson Brook crossing, it's rough in that section due to frozen slush from a groomer breaking through the ice a couple weeks back." - Chris Fournier

- Riding outside trail limits has a will close trails down.



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